GCSE Results 2016

Date: Thursday 25 August 2016
GCSE results at Oxford Spires Academy
84% of students achieved an A* to C in English (84% with reduced cohort of 98)
65% of students achieved an A*-C in mathematics
Provisional Progress 8 is 0.43, nearly half a grade more for all students across all subjects on average than elsewhere nationally
Last year Oxford Spires Academy secured an award for being in the top 5% of schools nationally for progress made by students in GCSE. Our provisional Progress 8 score of 0.44 means that students at Oxford Spires achieve nearly half a grade higher on average for all students’ best 8 GCSE grades including the highly academic subjects and ensures that we will certainly feature in further awards.
Especially strong results were achieved by a number of departments and special mention should go to: English 84%, Spanish – 73% A*-C, Geography -73% A*-C , Business – 73% A*-C and Maths 65% A*-C
Students made progress in excess of expected levels and the national average, not only achieving above the national average at 3 levels of progress (expected progress) but also with significant numbers of students making 4 and 5 and even 6 levels of progress.

3+       4+   5+

English 87% 42% 12%
Maths 71% 34% 8%
We are delighted that our pupil premium students made better progress than all students in their Best 8 academic subjects (pupil progress 0.49).
There are some extraordinary personal successes:
Michael Reynolds: 10A*s and 1A grade
Holly Gardner: 5A*s 4As and 2 Bs
William Cheetham: 9 As and 2 A*s
Ivan Haji & Radwan Omar made 7 levels of progress in English!
Sudaysi Sharif made 6 levels of progress in maths!
Radwan Omar had a Progress 8 score of 4.2 achieving over 4 grades higher for each GCSE (on average) than expected attainment.
Sudaysi Sharif had a Progress 8 score of 3.4 achieving over 3 grades higher for each GCSE (on average) than expected attainment.
Arthur Basso had a Progress 8 score of 2.8 achieving over 2 and a half grades higher for each GCSE (on average) than expected attainment.
Sophiya Yakha Rai, Ivan Haji and Chadni Majumdar all had a Progress 8 score of over 2 achieving over 2 grades higher for each GCSE (on average) than expected attainment.
Congratulations go to the students for their hard work, and of course to parents too. Oxford Spires also congratulates and thanks all, teaching and support staff for their dedication that makes such success possible.
Mrs Croft said: “We are delighted with the successes achieved by students in this year group. Students and staff worked incredibly hard and have reaped the benefit. We are so proud of the students’ outstanding success.”
Tony Brett, Chair of Governors said, “The students have worked extremely hard and impressively productively with their teachers, who have often gone the extra mile to enable the students to achieve at the highest level, to be the best they can be. I am delighted to see such success. Not only are the students a credit to Oxford Spires and excelling in their extra-curricular activities, they are making exceptional progress and opening further opportunities for themselves. I am incredibly proud of all of them and they should be too!”