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Head Girl and Head Boy

Vivien Urban and Pranab Limbu

Here at Oxford Spires, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and exceed self-expectations across a range of opportunities the Academy offers. Skills are nurtured and strengthened through roles in leadership giving a sense of responsibility and teaches teamwork. The House System is key in maintaining our school’s community ethos; it is important to personal growth and an investment in planning for all our futures.

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What’s happening?

  • Careers Talks

    Event Date: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd September

  • Open Evening

    Event Date: Thursday 6th October 6.30-9.00pm

  • Open Morning

    Event Date: Friday 7th October 8.50-10.40am

  • Year 7 Parents Evening

    Event Date: Wednesday 19th October. Meet Year 7 Tutors 4.00-7.30pm more information to follow

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